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Our mission

Here at North Fifteen, our main aim for over the last three decades was, and is to be in partnership with you to provide your customers the highest quality set of clothes and accessories that they deserve at very reasonable prices.

Wholesale Clothing Supplier

The high quality you deserve

For more than thirty years we are by your side when you want to buy quality clothes and accessories for you or for the ones you love. We will not stop offering you models which make you feel comfortable. We will not stop offering you models which make you feel free! Because this is what you deserve – quality, durability and accessibility.

Feel special

Every single one of our retail partners can benefit from the preferential discounts, given when ordering large amounts of goods. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our e-mail address:….! Even more so your order will be kept in our storage, free of charge, until the delivery date.

Let’s be colorful

In most of our retail outlets you can get a box full of different sorted out colors. This means that you don’t have to buy different boxes for the different colors. Together with the aforementioned preferential prices for greater quantities and the free storage until delivery, this is one more exceptional advantage for you!

We are happy for your customers

Don’t forget that quality, together with reasonable prices is what makes your customers loyal. If you are a retail company and you want to develop your business rest assured that your clients will are the type of people which will appreciate the comfort, quality and affordable prices of the clothes and accessories offered by Northfifteen.

Reliability & ExcelLence